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SINOTRUK remanufacturing engine take part in the Frankfurt Auto Show in Shanghai


Recently, SINOTRUK Jinan Fuqiang power CO., LTD. bring remanufactured engine and high pressure pumps, air compressors, generators, turbochargers and other components remanufactured products unveiled Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Show.

As China Association of Automobile Manufacturers of auto parts remanufacturing branch chairman of the unit, SINOTRUK Jinan Fuqiang power CO., LTD. in the remanufacturing complex product structure, remanufacturing technology innovation and key technology capability, remanufactured product quality control system, remanufactured parts to focus on research utilization, etc., and gradually explore a "high-tech as the support, a combination of research, both circulation and economy, innovation," the new model of China remanufacturing industry.

During the exhibition, the complex forms of remanufacturing products, image promotion and other auto parts to domestic and foreign suppliers, users focus on explaining the country, "the old-for-longer" relevant policies, remanufactured products and new product strengths and weaknesses, remanufacturing product mix and technological advantages, etc., by domestic and foreign auto parts suppliers generally recognized and highly valued, the scene has more than domestic and foreign auto parts suppliers propose cooperation.

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